Beyonce ramps up the sexuality in her new explicit 'Parittion' video.

Beyonce ramps up the sexuality in her new explicit ‘Parittion’ video.

As the reigning Queen of Pop, Beyonce could have set an example for the younger generation running wild with sexual exhibitionism. Instead she joins them in her new, explicit “Partition.” video.

Beyonce wiggles, shakes, writhes like a snake and sports leopard spots wearing virtually nothing in her new, sexually charged clip. Oh, did we mention pole dancing?

The point of the explicit video released today (Feb. 25)? Never take a woman for granted. Beyonce pulls out all the sexual cliques to make her case.

It begins at the breakfast table in a palace-like mansion, seated across from a very inattentive man.

Big mistake.

That’s when she turns it on. Beyonce visualizes herself as a sultry dominatrix wearing a bejeweled cleavage-baring bodysuit.

Then, the scene jumps to a dark, rain-splashed street. She’s wearing a fedora, an overcoat and sexy black lingerie, complete with garters and stockings.

She shows what it means for a woman to have curves in a racy thong and works a stripper pole, before morphing back to the breakfast table to eye up her man.

Footnote: Husband Jay-Z has a cameo role.

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