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Seth Meyers Scores With Hilarious Justin Bieber Spoof (watch!)

Seth Meyers Scores With Hilarious Justin Bieber Spoof (watch!) 1

Justin Bieber’s not so bad after all according to a deposition tape unearthed by Seth Meyers.

Justin Bieber came across as a snotty, quick tempered, impertinent twit in his widely circulated video deposition in a paparazzi assault case. But Seth Meyers thinks the unedited version tells a different story.

Meyers, who has just taken over late night duties from former “Saturday Night Live,” cast mate Jimmy Fallon, is still trying to find his stride.

But he scores big-time with a hilarious send-up of Bieber’s legal deposition in the civil assault case filed against him by photographer Jeffery Binion.

Justin came across during nearly four-and-a-half hours of questioning as hot-headed, short-tempered and impertinent, not to mention disrespectful and prone to acting out in anger.

But check out Meyer’s video. Justin was every bit the attentive young man all his fans wish him to be.

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