Belle Knox, the Duke University student who turned to porn to help pay her tuition met the ladies of The View today. Talk about frisson!

Belle Knox, the Duke University student who turned to porn to help pay her tuition met the ladies of The View today. Talk about frisson!

Belle Knox, the adult film actress better known now as Duke University’s Blue Belle, told the ladies of ABC’s The View a thing or two in a guest appearance today (Mar. 18). Guess which host was the biggest prude?

Babs? Jenny? Whoopi? Sherri? Talk about frisson!

Okay… Barbara Walters was a given. Sure, she’s 84 and could claim to be old fashioned. But she’s done her own slutting around in her time and has no right to be so condescending.

Duke’s Devilish Blue Problem: How To Handle (Porn) Star Student

Jenny McCarthy was really galling. It’s hard to believe even she could get all sanctimonious. After all, she made a career out of bleach-blonde hair and fake tits.

She’s appeared nude in Playboy so many times they’ve retired her bunny ears.

Click Here to Read More About Belle Knox and See a (NSFW) Photo Spead

But it didn’t stop there. Sherri Shepherd was a huge disappointment. The self-proclaimed feminist proclaimed that her “heart breaks” for the student-porn star. Talk about crocodile tears.

That left Whoopi Goldberg. Thankfully, she redeemed her hypocritical panelists by at least asking pertinent questions.

Leave it up to Belle to be the only one with who could thoughtfully articulate the dilemma women her age face, especially when they’re bright, but not blessed by wealth or wealthy parents. Economics, however, is only part of the equation.

Duke’s Devilishly Blue Student, Belle Knox (nsfw)

Female empowerment, the role of women in society and their right to choose their own sexual identity are the real issues.

Knox, you may recall, was outed by a schmuck student earlier this month after she was interviewed anonymously about her experience in a college newspaper.

She revealed in a follow-up column on a feminist Web site how fellow students, mainly frat boys, reacted by bullying her on campus, even to the point of issuing death threats. To its credit, the university has solidly supported her.

Knox said she decided to enter the adult film business to help pay her $60,000 a year college tuition. “I’m 18 years old. I do not have a college degree. Any job I would’ve gotten simply would not have footed the bill for $60,000 a year,” she said.

Knox pointed out that “99 percent of families” can’t afford that kind of money. To which Walters responded: “But they don’t all support their daughters becoming porn stars, either.”

No, Barbara, the decision was hers not her parents.

“What happened that made you turn to porn? Was it an incident? Was it a thought? [Did] somebody refer you?” said a brainless McCarthy, as if someone couldn’t freely and willingly become a porn star.

McCarthy gets double demerits. She should have more insight into the porn industry than anyone else, given her extensive exposure to it.

Walters, meanwhile, kept fishing for some depraved reason behind her decision. When Knox said she started watching porn when she was 12, Walters replied “Alone, or with your parents?” (Ah ha! Child abuse!)

Finally, Knox set them straight.

“I’d like to first clarify that the idea of empowerment and degradation is completely subjective,” she explained.

“And for me, I feel that, in this backdrop of our society where women are so often robbed of their sexual autonomy and are subjected to sexual violence in this backdrop of misogyny against women, it’s incredibly freeing and liberating to have that choice, to make decisions about my own body,” she said.

Although the ladies seemed to think that women in porn are nothing but abused little girls who grow up to be sexually exploited rag dolls, it doesn’t quite work that way.

“In porn, I’m in a safe, controlled environment where I set the boundaries, I set the rules,” Knox said.

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