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Selena Gomez Faces Questions in Justin Bieber Paparazzi Assault

Selena Gomez Faces Questions in Justin Bieber Paparazzi Assault 7

Selena Gomez tried to be a positive role model at We Day California in Oakland Mar. 26, one day before she was hit with legal papers relating to Justin Bieber.

One day after Selena Gomez gave and uplifting talk about ridding bad influences in her life, she was hit with a subpoena while shopping and could be forced to testify in any one of a number of legal cases pending against off- on-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Gomez, 21, has tried to be a positive role model for teens and gave an inspiring speech at a youth empowerment event attended by 16,000 students and educators.

She seemed to suggest that she was through with Bieber when she admitted she’d given in to “bad influences” in her life.

“I tried to change who I am, because I thought the others would accept me for it,” she said. “And I realized I don’t know how to be anything but myself.”

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Now Selena is being dragged back into that ugly mess by the legal system.

She was accosted on the street leaving a convenience store Thursday (Mar. 27) by what’s known as a process server. They are used in legal cases to ensure that someone receives legal papers demanding their appearance in a legal case.

Selena is compelled to appear and be questioned or she could face contempt of court charges and possibly land in jail.

It’s unknown which of Bieber’s legal messes she’s been called to testify about, but most of the speculation centers on an incident in which Bieber allegedly assaulted a photographer in May 2012.

Selena was with him on a date at the time. The photographer was allegedly blocking Bieber’s car to get photos when the hot-headed singer jumped out and allegedly shoved him.

The photographer, Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran claims in his lawsuit that he was one of several photographers trying to photograph Bieber and Gomez in a public parking lot at The Commons shopping center in Calabasas, Calif.

Bieber allegedly yelled “F–k off! Get out of my way!” then got out of his car lunged at the photographer. He allegedly kicked him in the chest, then punched him in the face. The photographer did not fight back.

Gomez could also be called in a separate assault civil suit in Florida against one of Bieber’s bodyguards.

Selena is no criminal, but she must feel like one at this point.

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