Selena Gomez wants to be more in control of her image and her career. So she's hiring professional management.

Selena Gomez wants to be more in control of her image and her career. So she’s hiring professional management. (Photo: Getty)

Selena Gomez raised eyebrows when she fired her longtime managers, who just happen to be her mother and stepfather, but the split has been brewing for some time and it has to do with a fundamental disagreement over the direction of her career.

Selena, like other Disney stars before her, is struggling to make the leap from teen star to a more mature film and music career.

The transition hasn’t been easy, because it means leaving a lot of legacy baggage behind, according to our source who is in the celebrity management field.

“Selena felt she couldn’t continue to develop as a singer and an actress without more professional guidance,” the source says. “She knows she has to compete with fellow stars her age like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens.

“Selena felt she was on an even level with Miley careerwise at one point. But Miley just exploded this year into a superstar. Meanwhile, Selena is still on the bubble as an actress and performer,” the source said.

“She admired Vanessa [Hudgens’] confidence and they way she was in command of herself when they worked together on ‘Spring Breakers,'” the source added.

In the end, the pull between what she thinks she should be doing professionally and what her parents wanted her to do just became too great.

“They’ve always been overly cautious and hyper concerned about her image, acting more like parents than managers,” said our source. “Selena is 21 now and feels like she should be in more control of her life like Vanessa.”

Selena has been struggling with the idea for some time to go with a professional manager, but it’s been a hard decision for her to make.

Last month, Selena posted an Instagram photo that appeared to show her nude shielded only by a sheer curtain and sunlight reflecting off of it. The photo was sort of a declaration of independence.

Her parents were shocked when they saw and and let her know it, just like parents would.

“Selena isn’t blind to what others are doing around her, and she feels the same way about a lot of things. She looks up to Beyonce and hears her when she talks about sexual empowerment,” the source said.

Selena’s parents have been in charge of her career since her Disney days on “The Wizards of Waverly Place,” and they’re having a hard time letting go of their teen princess.

The split was amicable; her parents have seen it coming as well and in the end saw it as a natural progression, although they’re not happy about the decision according to gossip site TMZ.

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