The documentary 'The Final Member' will be released in New York City later this month

The documentary ‘The Final Member’ will be released in New York City later this month

Sigurður “Siggi” Hjartarson knows penises. He’s the curator of probably the world’s only penis museum in Iceland and the subject of a new film documentary on his quest for a human specimen (you got that right) to round out his collection.

Siggi has been hard at it (yikes! another pun!) gathering penises for more than 40 years and has an impressive collection.

In fact he’s the equivalent of the Louvre or Metropolitan Museum of Art when it comes to male mammal genitalia. He has members, so to speak, from field mice to the colossal sperm whale, which understandably has, you know, a colossal… penis.

The Icelandic Phallogical Museum is located in Husavik, Iceland, a small village on the edge of the Arctic Circle so it probably doesn’t get much walk-in traffic. But after the movie officially opens in New York City at Cinema Village, April 18, all that may change.

Two filmmakers, Jonah Bekhor and Zach Math follow Siggi on his quest to find a human penis for his collection. An “Icelandic Casanova” and an “eccentric American” offer to donate their members, creating a complex problem for the museum curator.

The two men get in a heated competition to add their member to the 250 specimen collection, and Siggi must sort out the mess, which is far more complicated than simply choosing one or the other. Apparently there are laws, permits, paperwork, that sort of thing.

The effort is described by Behkor and Math as an “often emotional quest,” that is also startlingly relatable. Siggi is seeking self-fulfillment and the desire to leave a personal legacy (both big and small).

God knows, the penis has been an obsession going back to ancient times in art, literature, music and history. Siggi wants to make sure individuals can undertake serious study through the use of his museum.

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