Lindsay Lohan's list of 36 lovers turns out to be real. What's unreal is her liner notes, which have just surfaced.

Lindsay Lohan’s list of 36 lovers turns out to be real. What’s unreal is her liner notes, which have just surfaced.

Lindsay Lohan confirmed this week that a list containing the names of 36 of her celebrity lovers is actually real, and now the other shoe has dropped. She also wrote liner notes, commenting on her lovers and various aspects of their love making.

The shocking revelation provides some first-hand commentary on some of Hollywood’s supposed greatest lovers, and some aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The list obtained by TheImproper from a source close to Lindsay, contains her scrawled, hand-written notes. It looked like she doodled the comments during some down time during her therapy.

“They were giggling and talking s— about people in the industry,” a source reportedly told InTouch, which first reported the existence of the list. The magazine, however, did not include her liner notes.

For example, next to James Franco’s name she wrote: “wanted me to call him daddy and repeat lines from ‘Mean Girls’ [movie] …creep!”

Under Justin Timberlake’s name she wrote: “It’s true, di*k really is small…”

In her notes about Joaquin Phoenix, whom she hooked up with in 2010, she wrote simply “…too f*cked up to get it up… does that count?”

Lindsay claims she hooked up with Guy Berryman, bassist for UK supergroup Coldplay, in 2011 at Coachella. She wrote “…are all Brits buggers? …says Chris does Gwyn all the time… note to me: no back door first date.”

Her tryst with Zac Efron apparently ended badly “…no smoking during sex?! Loser!!!”

Lindsay said she hooked up with One Direction’s Max George sometime last year. He called it a “little snog.” She called him “…a little premature.” Then added … wants to be Justin Bieber. Get a life!!!”

Jamie Burke, a singer and fashion model who once dated Kate Moss, reportedly “insisted on being bottom. What’s with that?”

Lindsay dated Wilmer Valderrama in 2004, in an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted about a year and a half. Next to his name she wrote “…sore boobs! breastfeeding fetish anyone??”

Lindsay also briefly hooked up with Irish actor Colin Farrell in 2004. Next to his name she wrote: … kept saying how good it was.. think he meant himself!!!” Buddy, not that good…”

And, next to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine’s name she wrote “…kept thinking eggs, butter, milk, cigarettes… (needed to go to the store.)”

Lindsay’s reps have not commented.