Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox, talks for the first time about her life as a Duke student and porn star.

Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox, talks for the first time about her life as a Duke student and porn star.

Belle Knox, the Duke University freshman and by now, nationally known porn star, admits that her parents are floored by her decision to do sex for pay. Her brother and sister won’t even speak to her. But her pops, well, he’s a stand up guy.

Knox, real name Miriam Weeks, has seen her quiet life turned upside down since she was outed as a porn star at the prestigious college.

Belle Knox Outed; Porn Star’s Real Name, Troubled Past Revealed

But the 18-year-old has no regrets and is pursuing her chosen craft with all due speed. By that, she’s studying hard by day and doing porn shoots one weekends and holidays.

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She’s also stocking up on panties to sell at the Exxxotica Porn Expo, in Atlantic City where she had a booth, according to Rolling Stone. She sold them for $50 a pair.

The music magazine conducted an in-depth interview with Weeks between classes at Duke, where students have shunned her, but the administration has supported her.

Among some of the startling revelations, her father, a medical doctor, and mother thought she was a virgin until they found out she was doing porn.

She started watching adult films when she was 12. She lost her virginity at 16.

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She says her mother grounded her for “like, a year” while she was in high school, after naked sexting photos she took for a boyfriend went into wider circulation in her hometown.

She also reveals that she was sexually assaulted at a drunken house party, but doesn’t talk about it because she thought it would be misinterpreted as a reason why she started doing porn.

In fact, her reason for going into porn was strictly a business decision. She needed money for tuition. Plus, she was horny.

She told her parents she was making money by selling marijuana. Apparently that was more acceptable?

Her grandfather has been the most supportive in her family. “He was just like, ‘I don’t think it’s anybody’s damn business what you do,'” she said.

She explains her dual life this way.

“Belle is too crazy for Duke – a dirty little girl, who I bring into the bedroom, Miriam is studious, sleeps a lot, loves her family, loves her friends,” she says.

Miriam wants to get married, have kids, work as a lawyer for women’s rights. Belle just wants to get f*cked.

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