Amal Alamuddin is virtually unknown in celebrity circles, but is deeply involved in international affairs.

Amal Alamuddin is virtually unknown in celebrity circles, but is deeply involved in international affairs.

George Clooney’s new Fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, is a mystery woman. She’s flown well under the celebrity radar, but she’s had a major impact on international affairs, as evidenced by her recent appearance on BBC television.

Oxford educated and a graduate of New York University’s law school, she is deeply involved in the current Ukrainian crisis.

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Although a Lebanese native, Alamuddin, 36, lives and practices law in London, representing such notorious clients as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. She has also worked with a number of U.N. commissions.

Amal Alamuddin Notable Clients

  • Advised Kofi Annan, the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League on Syria
  • Represented Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister, in challenging her detention before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Prosecuted those responsible for assassinating Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri at a UN-sponsored court in The Hague
  • Providing legal advice to the King of Bahrain involving Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry probe of human rights violations
  • Representing Julian Assange, head of WikiLeaks, in extradition proceedings.
  • Acting as Counsel to the UN inquiry on the use of drones in counter-terrorism operations.

Intellectually, she’s head and shoulders above Clooney’s previous string of girlfriends, which have included models, television personalities, a cocktail waitress and even a porn star.

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Alamuddin’s connection to the Ukraine crisis comes through her representation of Ukrainian politican Yulia Tymoshenko. She co-led the Orange Revolution and was the first female Prime Minister of Ukraine.

She was outspoken against pro-Russian prime minister Viktor Yanukovych. His ouster led to the Russian incursion into Crimea and continued threats against the Ukraine.

Alamuddin, with colleague Geoffrey Robertson, represented Tymoshenko before the European Court of Human Rights, seeking her freedom after two years in detention in the Ukraine.

Alamuddin appeared on the Britain’s BBC to discuss the crisis. The video provides one of the most in-depth looks yet at who she is.

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