Paul Walker stands next to the Porsche Carrera GT shortly before he was killed last November.

Paul Walker stands next to the Porsche Carrera GT shortly before he was killed last November.

Actor Paul Walker and buddy Roger W. Rodas were riding in a Porsche Carrera GT riddled with design flaws that led to their deaths in a fiery crash last November in Santa Clarita, Calif, according to a lawsuit filed by Rodas’ widow.

TheImproper reported exclusively last December that more than a dozen Carrera GT crashes had occurred since the cars were manufactured and sold in 2005 and 2006.

Paul Walker Car Crash: Theories Mount as to How It Happened

All were similar to the one that took Walker’s and Rodas’ life. In each case the car became uncontrollable in the hands of even the most skilled drivers.

Rodas was behind the wheel when the 610-hp Porsche Carrera GT came out of a sweeping right hand curve and began accelerating.

He lost control of the car and it went into a skid, jumping a curb and striking a light pole and three trees. It burst into flames by the side of the road and burned furiously.

The report did not say what caused the fire.

Rodas was killed by the impact, but Walker survived the crash only to die of smoke inhalation, according to the coroner’s report.

Investigators aided by Porsche technicians concluded that excessive speed and likely driver error caused the crash. The car had no mechanical problems.

Investigators also ruled out debris and small illuminating discs in the roadway as contributing factors as well.

Paul Walker Car Crash, Explosion Caught on Security Camera (video)

But Kristine M. Rodas, widow of Roger Rodas, charges in the wrongful death lawsuit that the car was traveling at 55 mph, half the speed determined by investigators.

The supercar lacked a proper crash cage and safety features in the gas tank that would have saved both men’s lives, the lawsuit, filed by lawyer Mark Geragos alleges.

The car’s suspension system was also defective, the suit adds, making the car unsafe “its intended use.”

The Carrera GT is powered by a V-10 610 horsepower engine, with a light-weight carbon-fiber body.

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It’s capable of accelerating from 0- to 60-mph in less than 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph, according to company specs.

Those familiar with the car say it’s brutish and difficult to drive.

It does not have traction control that’s standard on other Porsche sports cars. The carmaker calls it as close to a race car in design and handling as it can be while still street legal.

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