Justin Bieber is under investigation again for vandalizing his neighbor's property an d terrorizing his 13-year-old daughter. (Photo: Getty)

Justin Bieber is under investigation again for vandalizing his neighbor’s property an d terrorizing his 13-year-old daughter. (Photo: Getty)

Justin Bieber flipped out at a woman he thought was taking photos of him at a Los Angeles park. She wasn’t. Now he’s under criminal investigation. His aggressive behavior may be due to excessive use of codeine, known by the street name sizzurp.

The incident suggests that Bieber is short-fused, which could be caused by a codeine addiction from excessive consumption of the street concoction.

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Sizzurp is made from cough syrup containing promethazine and codeine, mixed with a soft drink. Codeine, derived from opium, is metabolized into morphine in the body and is highly addictive.

“Users quickly develop a physical and psychological dependence to the drug and may experience withdrawal symptoms after as few as five to seven days of continuous use,” according to addiction Web site, codeineaddiction.com

During withdrawal after using the drug, users can exhibit agitated and aggressive behavior, anxiety and hyperactivity.

Withdrawal typically starts six hours after the last use. It can be extremely unpleasant and can exacerbate other conditions, according to the Web site.

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Rumors have also circulated that Justin has used steroids, commonly used by rappers to build up their bodies. The drug is also known to make someone overly aggressive.

The incident unfolded at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks Monday (May 12) while Justin was at the park’s batting cages, according to gossip site TMZ.

Bieber and his entourage got into a rowdy confrontation with some people at the batting cages. The singer went after the woman, who was just a bystander, when he thought she was getting out her cell phone to take photos.

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Bieber ordered her to hand over her phone. When she refused, a struggle ensued and he forced his way into her purse. He allegedly “ripped it out of her hands,” according to a complaint she filed with police.

After she convinced Bieber she wasn’t taking photos, he handed the phone back. But it didn’t end there.

The singer allegedly began screaming at the woman who was with her teen daughter, a fan, or make that ex-fan now.

“You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here?” he screamed at her, causing the 13-year-old to cry.

Sounds like the singer needs help.

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