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Whitney Houston Family Wins Battle Over Personal Possessions (photos!)

Whitney Houston Family Wins Battle Over Personal Possessions (photos!) 10

Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown at a pre-Grammy party in 2011. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Whitney Houston’s family members scored a court victory in New Jersey that will allow them to collect from her recently sold house personal possessions that might be worth tens of thousands of dollars in an auction.

A Morris County, NJ, Circuit Court judge ruled in their favor in a lawsuit claiming the family had been locked out of the house after it was sold.

Marion Houston, the late singer’s manager and sister-in-law had filed the action on behalf of her estate. She charged that the buyers had “changed the locks on the house and chained the gates to the property.”

Check out Whitney’s home; click to enlarge.

Apparently some double dealing was going on.

The family claimed the contract for sale made clear that only the Mendham, NJ, house was for sale “and did not include any provision for, or make any reference whatsoever to, the sale of any of the personalty,” according to court papers.

The ruling appeared to be a no-brainer for Morris County Judge Donald Coburn. He issue a ruling Thursday (May 15), ordering the local sheriff to seize the property in question and turn it over to Houston’s estate.

Coburn even empowered deputies to break into the property if necessary. The estate has singled out 91 items it wants back.

They include “a baby grand piano, a jukebox, valuable paintings, and home furnishings and other items that belonged to Whitney Houston,” according to court papers.

The house, incidentally, is back on the market.

The owners are trying to flip the property. They’re asking $1.5 million for the massive, 12,561-square-foot home, situated on five acres. At last report, the home wasn’t in the best condition.

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