Robert Pattinson turned out for the Cannes Film Festival premiere today (may 18) decked out to the nines in a tuxedo.

Robert Pattinson turned out for the Cannes Film Festival premiere today (may 18) decked out to the nines in a tuxedo. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson showed up on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet for the premiere of his new movie “The Rover,” wearing a tuxedo that evoked the Golden Age of Hollywood glamour.

The 28-year-old actor would have looked right at home standing next to Cary Grant, David Niven and other stars from the 1940s.

Robert Pattinson Makes Cannes Debut at Rover Cast Call (photos!)

He was joined on the red carpet by producers Liz Watts and David Linde, director David Michod and co-star Guy Pierce.

The movie is an intense character study of two men who are bound together. Their uneasy alliance is forged following a brutal robbery in the harsh, dystopian Australian outback.

Robert Pattinson Dressed to the Nines
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A man is measured by his few possessions and stealing them demands revenge.

Rob’s character, Reynolds, or Rey, is left for dead by his gang. Pearce’s character, a drifter named Eric, forces him to help track down the gang to retrieve his things, including a prized car.

Director David Michod is known for tense, moody, idiosyncratic films like “Animal Kingdom” and “Hesher.” His latest picture bears his trademark look and feel. It’s intensely atmospheric and eerie.

Here’s what the critics are saying.

— “‘The Rover’ is a most impressive piece of film-making, tense and unrelenting, that chills the blood as well as the soul.” —Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times.

“[David] Michod’s sophomore feature isn’t exactly something we’ve never seen before, but it has a desolate beauty all its own, and a career-redefining performance by Robert Pattinson that reveals untold depths of sensitivity and feeling in the erstwhile ‘Twilight’ star.” —Scott Foundas, Variety.

— “[Robert] Pattinson is repeatedly regaled as ‘the film’s greatest surprise’ by critics, applauding him for being an “oasis of humanity in this stark, forsaken land.” To be a beacon of hope in a dystopian future? Not too shabby.” MTVNews

— “Pattinson delivers a performance that, despite the character’s own limitations, becomes more interesting as the film moves along, suggesting that the young actor might indeed be capable of offbeat character work.” —Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

— “Pattinson’s Rey has an accent that sounds more Arkansas than Aussie, no reason given, but delivers a seriously good performance that will help move him past his vampire trifles.” —Peter Howell, Toronto Star

— “Here he gives a fantastic performance in the complex role of a simple-minded but not dumb, worthy of a 4-star Actors Studio actor and it places him as one of the most amazing actors of his generation,” —Filmosphere France.

— “Pattinson pulls off nervous twitching, shoddy posture and general writhing to great effect; his character’s a typical fool and he plays it so,” — Rory O’Connor, MoviePilot

A lot of heavy-weight critics have yet to express their views of the film. Things could change on a dime. But Pattinson and “The Rover” are off to a good start.

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