Beyonce unloads a MAC-10 machine gun in a scene from the video.

Beyonce unloads a MAC-10 machine gun in a scene from the video.

Beyonce and Jay Z, known for their marketing prowess, have pulled another coup. A new commercial for their upcoming tour is cleverly packaged to look like a movie trailer, complete with A-List actors.

The king and queen of hip-hop and R&B released the nearly four-minute spot last night (May 17) without fanfare.

Sean Penn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle, Blake Lively and other stars make cameo appearances, giving it the look and feel of a film.

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The clip has already scored nearly 2 million views on YouTube with virtually no publicity. So maybe it will become a movie!

The video follows a menacing poster released last month, showing the couple wearing black ski masks like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

The new video picks up that theme. It appears to tout a movie named “Run.”

The clip opens with a montage of scenes that show a very leggy Beyonce running amid flashes of money, guns, more money, guns, some very hot women, club scenes and an explosion. It ends with a logo for the supposed movie.

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But the giveaway that the video is not what it seems comes at the open.

What looks vaguely like a Motion Picture Association of America rating visual is actually a plug for Jay Z’s record company, Roc Nation.

The clip’s “R” rating comes from the Motion Picture Association of Brooklyn, NY.

In another tell-tale sign, the “movie’s” Web site, is link to a site promoting the couple’s “On the Run Summer Tour” of North America.

Beyoncé, 32, announced the tour on her Web site Apr. 28 with the release of the promotional poster.

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