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Jennifer Lawrence Comes Clean About Drunken Oscar Night (watch!)

Jennifer Lawrence Comes Clean About Drunken Oscar Night (watch!) 1

Jennifer Lawrence comes clean about her drunken Oscar night and her run in with Miley Cyrus.

Jennifer Lawrence stopped by Seth Meyers last night and explained the real story behind tabloid reports that she got so drunk she threw up at an Oscar after-party.

Now for the kicker. Miley Cyrus witnessed the episode and told her to “get it together.” Miley Cyrus?

That’s the part that seemed to sensational to be true. So Meyers couldn’t help but bring up the subject.

Lawrence is only 23 but has been nominated for an Oscar three times, winning one for best actress for “Silver Linings Playbook.”

The actress said she took one of her best friends to the Oscars and started drinking early. She passed on the after parties the first two times around, but decided to make the scene this time.

Check out the video below to hear her version of what happened. And hear what she revealed about Brad Pitt!

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