Gossip Web sites have been particularly hard hit by Google's latest search results changes.

Gossip Web sites have been particularly hard hit by Google’s latest search results changes.

Google, which controls more than 70 percent of the search market, revised its search algorithm, known as Panda, this week and hammered gossip sites among other web outlets in a bid to control “spam.”

Among sites that are seeing significant declines in organic search rankings are GossipCop, StarPulse and The Examiner.

AceShowbiz has seen its search results fall by a staggering 75 percent.

Changes to the algorithm, which determine where content appears in search results, have been highly controversial.

While the intent is to control “spam,” and “poor content,” scores of legitimate sites have been crushed by ongoing changes for most of the past three years.

Biggest Losers in Google Panda Update



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Source: SearchMetrics

Panda was introduced in 2011, according to SearchMetrics, a search engine optimization (SEO) web site.

Mostly smaller sites and independent Web companies have been affected, leading some to charge that Google is trying to prop up larger, established corporate sites, the majority of which don’t make money.

Even The New York Times is struggling with losses from its Web property.

“Google has become an unreliable business partner,” said Keith Girard, Editor & Publisher of TheImproper Network LLC.

“We began pursuing alternative traffic sources two years ago, both through social media and other means, to blunt Google’s unpredictable changes with some pretty solid success.”

The latest change, announced yesterday (May 20) by Google, appears to be a significant realignment, according to the site.

Check out the chart to see some of the biggest losers based on SearchMetrics’ preliminary analysis of data. For the full list check out SearchMetrics’ site.