Kate Middleton derriere became more famous than Kim Kardashian's after a wardrobe malfunction in Australia was caught on camera.

Kate Middleton derriere is now more famous than Kim Kardashian’s after a wardrobe malfunction in Australia was caught on camera.

Kate Middleton’s bare bottom has landed in the pages of a German tabloid newspaper, touching off a new furor in Kensington Palace over the royal duchess’s indecent exposure.

The photo was taken during the Royal couple’s tour of the Australian Blue Mountains.

Click here or click the photo to see an uncensored verson.

As Kate and Prince William were exiting a royal helicopter, the down-draft from the helicopter’s whirling blades caused her dress to billow and rise.

If Kate was wearing underwear, it was impossible to tell from the photograph. None was visible, and her rosy cheeks were in full view.

Although the tour ended last month, the photo only surfaced for the first time over the weekend in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

Pippa Middleton Goes Topless on Holiday With Kate (photos)

“Thank the wind for the insight into the royal household,” the photo was captioned.

In England, tabloids feigned disgust. It’s illegal to publish compromising photos of the royals in Great Britain, and no British newspaper has shown the photo uncensored.

Only two years ago, Kate was photographed topless sunbathing at a French Estate owned by a royal uncle. The palace sued the French magazine for printing the photos. But they also appeared in publications in several other countries.

Kate Middleton Exposed: Topless Photos Published in France

For the record, Kate’s was wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, said to have cost around $500, according to London’s Daily Mail.

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