Kate Gosselin scolds daughter Mady and takes her cellphone for criticizing mom's plans for fun things.'

Kate Gosselin scolds daughter Mady and takes her cellphone for criticizing mom’s plans for fun things.’

Kate Gosselin apparently has lost none of the vinegar that made her one of the most polarizing personalities on television. She’s back in a new special with her eight kids and it’s truly painful to watch. Is this child abuse or what?

Kate lets us know right off the bat she is older and “tireder (sic).”

Doesn’t she mean “more tired?” Mom needs to watch her grammar around the kids.

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In a preview of her upcoming TLC special “Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10,” we can also see Kate is a lot crankier. Just watch how sharply she speaks to the kids.

The single mom puts daughter Mady through an emotional wringer.

With the kids all home for spring break, Kate has come up with some “fun things” to do.

But Mady half-jokingly protests, “no, no fun things.” The kids all seem to agree.

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With that, Kate banishes her from the room. Mady flees in tears, embarrassed and humiliated in front of the cameras. Or is it just an act?

Kate immediately calls her back and gives her another chance. But not without some stern finger-wagging.

So here’s her secret. She gives her kids cellphones an iPads so she can “take them away” when the act out.

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Is Kate bucking to be a tiger mom? Maybe with all those kids she has to be. But do we have to see it on television?

Kate’s previous show “Kate Plus Eight” has been off the air for only three years. Yet she seems like she’s from another planet now.

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