Robert Pattinson's character in his new film 'The Rover' is a departure from his previous roles.

Robert Pattinson’s character in his new film ‘The Rover’ is a departure from his previous roles.

Robert Pattinson provides some unique perspective on his character in a new behind-the-scenes video for his latest film “The Rover.” Co-star Guy Pearce and Director David Michod also provide some commentary.

Rob’s character Reynolds, or Rey for short, is one of the more complex and nuanced that he’s played in any film so far.

It’s also against character. Rob has typically played the hunky romantic lead in all of his previous films from “Twilight,” “Bel Ami” and “Remember Me” to “Water for Elephants.”

In this case, he’s just the opposite. Rey is the anti-hero.

“I see a vulnerability in Rob’s character and it just felt like the right dynamic,” says Pearce about the character.

“Rey is a character I mean, people disregard as so light,” says Rob. “Whenever Eric challenges him, it’s genuinely the first time he’s actually had to think for himself.”

There are a lot of fireworks in the film as Rey discovers himself as a person.

The Rover opens June 13 in New York City and Los Angeles, before a wider release June 20. Check out the clip below and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter. We really need your support.