Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un is fighting mad over his portrayal in the new trailer for 'The Interview.'

Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un is fighting mad over his portrayal in the new trailer for ‘The Interview.’

Calling it a provocation of the foulest order, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un says war is imminent with the United States because of James Franco’s and Seth Rogen’s new movie “The Interview.”

A new trailer for the movie was released today (June 11) detailing the actors’ efforts to assassinate the Korean dictator.

Jong-Un reportedly took the movie particularly hard because he has always been a fan of Franco’s. He watches pirated films obtained by his regime that are not available to the general public.

The new trailer for the action comedy film, directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, was obtained by his agents within hours of its release and viewed by Kim and his close circle of advisers deep within his palace in Pyongyang.

He was said to be particularly incensed at his portrayal as a fat weenie and put his country on high alert.

“This is the first shot in an imminent attack by the United States on the Fatherland so beloved by the Korean people,” he reportedly said in a radio address.

“This trailer is the precursor propaganda campaign to war. It’s designed to make Korea’s fearless and beloved leader look inept and unworthy to lead his exalted nation.

“The Korean people will not wait for an unprovoked attack by the devil. Rather, it will launch a preemptive strike. Our missiles are fully capable of reaching Hollywood,” he proclaimed.

In the movie Franco and Rogen play talk-show host Dave Skylark and producer Aaron Rapoport. They land an interview with the dictator for life and the CIA tries to turn them into assassins.

But they are far from up for the job.

Check out the trailer below and evacuate Hollywood as soon as possible. That mean you PerezHilton. This is just an imagining, but crazier things have happened.