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Robert Pattinson Always Wanted One; You Won’t Believe What

Robert Pattinson Always Wanted One; You Won't Believe What 1

Robert Pattinson revealed that he’s always wanted a little brother.

Robert Pattinson has two sisters, but he revealed on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that he’s always wanted a little brother. And guess what, his sisters wished he was a girl!

Pattinson, who is usually loath to talk about his personal life, went on at length about his family.

Meyers broached the subject when he reminded Rob that they had met before. It happened when Meyers subbed for Regis Philbin on the “Regis and Kelly Show.” Rob was one of the guests and his whole family was in the audience.

“Both your sisters and your family was there,” Seth reminded him. “Even they’re Robert Pattinson fans.”

“No way at all,” Rob laughed.

Seth wanted to know: “Were older sisters hard on you?”

“Ah…yeah,” said Rob. “I think they kind of always wished I was a little sister. And, I always wanted a little brother.”

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Footnote: Rob had some choice observations about Regis.

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