Kim Kardashian and a self-generated message from her 'hacked' game app.

Kim Kardashian and a self-generated message from her ‘hacked’ game app.

Kim Kardashian was compelled to release a statement on her Web site today (July 25) after a version of her new mobile phone game app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood began spewing nasty messages that might get a user’s mouth washed out… or punched.

Kardashian claimed her app was “hacked.”

Or was it just another shrewd move by the queen of guerrilla marketing?

“I have to clarify a false report about my new game app,” she wrote. “The screenshots in this article show some offensive greetings being used, which are from a hacked version of the game–not the REAL version.”

Indeed, there was nothing false about the report, which appeared (July 23) on gossip site BuzzFeed.

As it turned out, a BuzzFeed employee downloaded the app and tried it out. She found that the popular game app used racial slurs and other offensive statements when she used it to send messages to friends.

The app auto generated an offensive greeting. Among some of the choice salutations: “What’s Up My Nigga?” “suck my ass” and “Willow Pape can go down a dick.”

The correct app game also doles out “cash” in the form of “K-stars” on a piecemeal basis, but the hacked version showered users with K-stars.

Apparently a large number of users have been downloading the hacked version, instead of the real version.

Um… it’s not supposed to work that way, folks, says Kim.

“To clarify: Nothing inappropriate is included in any part of my game! Just wanted to clear the air,” the reality television personality wrote.

Hmmm… sounds like the hacked game might be more fun.

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