Homer Simpson and Family Guy Peter Griffin share their love of donuts. It's a bromance made in Heaven.

Homer Simpson and Family Guy Peter Griffin share their love of donuts. It’s a bromance made in Heaven.

An epic upcoming episode of “The Simpsons,” was previewed at Comic-Con, showing Peter Griffin and his family from “The Family Guy” meeting up with Homer and his clan. It’s a bromance made in heaven until the two meltdown… literally. D’oh!

Seth McFarland, who created “The Family Guy” and Matt Groening, the genius behind “The Simpsons” are behind the collaboration.

It also helps that both shows air on the Fox Network.

The cross-over episode, only the second in the Simpsons’ 25-year run on television, will be an hour-long special and open the new season.

Fox has also tipped that “The Simpsons” will travel into the future and cross-over with “Futurama,” another Groening animated show set in the 31st century.

In the preview, released at Comic-Con yesterday, Peter and his family–wife Lois, children Meg, Chris, and Stewie and pet dog Brian–wonder into Springfield and don’t quite know what to make of the place.

“Don’t drink the water,” warns Peter. “Everybody around here looks like they have hepatitis.”

Simpson, on the other hand, calls the Griffins “our Albino visitors.”

But Homer and Peter quickly bond over a dozen donuts, which Homer presents as a welcoming gift. The two are soon best pals.

All two bumbling buffoons of that magnitude in the same cartoon is sure to ultimately produced a meltdown of epic proportions. All they need is a catalyst, and they find one in an argument over beer.

Check out the preview below. The crossover episode is set to air on September 28th. But sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter. We need your support to keep the Internet free.