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Robert Pattinson, The Actor, Hates Robert Pattinson, The Celebrity

Robert Pattinson has developed a split personality: the actor and the celebrity. Even he’s not sure who he is. (Photo: Getty)

Robert Pattinson comes off as slightly schizophrenic and a little paranoid in a new interview with the Sunday Times of London and who can blame him? Even he can’t stand himself, at least, the celebrity side of his life adored by so many “Twilight” fans.

The vampire saga that made him a household name ended nearly two years ago, but he still can’t escape the character, or the fame.

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The film made him so rich he wants for nothing. Ironically, his low-key lifestyle doesn’t require a lot of accouterments.

He really only desires one thing: credibility as an actor, the one thing “Twilight” couldn’t give him.

“People always ask, ‘Can you actually act?’ ” Pattinson says. “Well, what the hell do you think I was doing in Twilight? Good or bad, I was ­acting. It’s the same articles every single time.”

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But on the positive side, the film series now allows him to pick and choose movie roles.

And Rob is going for parts that are as far away from Edward Cullen as he can get, whether it’s the disaffected, millionaire financier in David Cronenberg’s “Cosmpolis,” or his latest film “The Rover.”

Robert Pattinson wants for nothing, except credibility as an actor.

He loved the solitude of the outback where the film was shot. The tiny town was made up of no more than 50 inhabitants. They lived there precisely for the same reason he’d want to… to get away.

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“I’m picking things so strange, they can’t be judged in normal terms,” he says., getting the interview off to a slow start. He met the reporter in Cannes in May after a long night of partying.

“If anything’s relatable in a mass way, I don’t know if I can do it,” he explains.

Rob can’t believe the ridiculous things he’s said over the years.

“That’s just not how I relate to anything. If there are certain character beats, I’m not going to be able to achieve them. So I like making it my own game. You can invent a new set of ­emotions that don’t even really make sense to you.”

His character in “The Rover” is the antithesis of Edward. He’s slightly dim-witted, dirty, beaten and scarred.

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Rob says he reminds him of “the kids at school who didn’t brush their teeth.” The “weirdos”, he adds. “always the ones who played too many video games.”

Rob, the actor, doesn’t plan to measure himself or his career by the films he’s in. He judges himself by the actors and directors he gets to work with.

‘So, you know, ‘I worked with Werner Herzog’ — that’s better than saying: ‘I’m doing Whatever 3.’

His bucket list includes 20 directors. He says he has “no career plan,” but notes with pride that he’s done two Cronenberg films, the second being “Maps to the Stars,” and he’s worked with with Werner Herzog and Anton Corbijn on upcoming projects.

“So, you know, ‘I worked with Werner Herzog’ — that’s better than saying: ‘I’m doing Whatever 3,’ when you get a bunch of money and shoot for 11 months and ­promote for eight months and then everyone says it’s shit. I think doing a movie for anyone except yourself is crazy.”

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Which brings us to Rob, the Celebrity. He’s “mortified” by him, from the interviews he’s forced to give to the way tabloids blow up everything he says and most of all to the fans.

Did I really say I use moisturizer?

“They’re very proactive,” he says of the “Twihards,” who follow his every move, real, or invented by the tabloids.

“But I don’t like referring to them as ‘fans.’ I think it’s gross when people are, like, ‘I love my fans!’ You don’t even know them.” he says. “How can you ever love me? You don’t!” he adds.

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He’s also mortified by how the most trivial things he says become big headlines. During one of his interviews about Dior Homme he was asked what he liked about the scent.

“I also told someone I use moisturizer, and then saw it written down. I’e spent all this time ­trying to get credibility, and there’s a fu*king headline about moisturizer!’”

“I’ve said so many dumb things,” he says later in the interview.

Although he’s considered one of the most photogenic actors of his generation, Rob reveals that he hates having his photo taken, another conflict between the actor and the celebrity.

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“I hate having my picture taken. Hate it,” he says. “I’m way too self-conscious.”

Which is why fans are unlikely to ever hear his music. “I can’t deal with criticism very well,” he sighs. “I’ve already got it from one angle. I don’t need it from anything else.”

For more from the interview, check out The Sunday Times. (Note: Most of the article is hidden behind a pay firewall). Also, follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest news on Robert Pattinson you can trust.

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