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Bruce Jenner: Dude You Look Like a Lady; Revives Sex Change Rumors

Bruce Jenner: Dude You Look Like a Lady; Revives Sex Change Rumors 1

Bruce Jenner continues to fuel rumors he wants to be a woman by his growing femininity. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Bruce Jenner threw a fit when step-daughters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian tried to convince him to cut his shoulder-length hair, reviving rumors that he wants to be a woman.

Bruce has become a spectacle because of his growing femininity, highlighted by his shaved adam’s apple and flowing hair.

He’s brushed off pleas from family members to cut off his ponytail going back to step-daughter Kim Kardashian’s wedding. She asked him on the finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to cut his hair before walking her down the aisle.

Bruce not only refused, but his hair has only grown longer since then. He began letting his hair grow last January, after splitting from his wife of 22 years, Kris Jenner.

Over the months, other tell-tale signs have emerged pointing to his intentions. Jenner has started wearing Spanx panties, which are usually reserved for women, getting regular manicures and plucking his eyebrows.

He’s also lost weight in an effort to “slim” his body and worn a corset for extended periods to reduce the size of his waist, which would give him a more feminine shape.

Oddly, Jenner was the picture of manhood at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, when he won the Gold medal in the Decathlon, a grueling test that includes 10 different events.

Jenner got a laryngeal shave, which flattens the Adam’s apple in January as well. It’s often prescribed as part of a sex change operation, because women don’t have adam’s apples.

He got a nose job and a partial facelift in 1984, and a second corrective facelift in 2009, and may have had other surgeries since then, experts say.

For her part, estranged wife Kris says Bruce just wants to look young, not feminine.

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