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Jimmy Kimmel ‘Fesses Up: Twerking Fail Viral Video a Set Up (watch!)

Jimmy Kimmel 'Fesses Up: Twerking Fail Viral Video a Set Up (watch!) 1

Stunt woman Daphne Evelyn, posing as twerk fail girl Caitlin Heller, is interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Jimmy Kimmel pulled one of the biggest Internet pranks yet with a YouTube video that shows a girl twerking in her apartment and catching herself on fire. A number of media outlets thought it was real and it drew more than 10 million views.

But Kimmel came clean on his show last night (Sept. 9).

He revealed that the young girl in the video was actually a Hollywood stunt woman and the whole thing was a set up. News shows around the nation aired the video as if it were real and cautioned against twerking.

Kimmel started out on his own show with a prank interview via Skype. The twerker was identified as Caitlin Heller, who supposedly lives in Kansas City, MO.

But the girl was just off stage, literally behind a curtain. Kimmel joined her on her set and they rolled the full “director’s cut” of the video. Guess who shows up to put out the fire?

The video was filmed two months ago and posted on YouTube without any further publicity and it quickly went viral, garnering 9 million views in a week, Kimmel said.

“We didn’t send it to any TV stations, I didn’t Tweet it, we didn’t put it on any news Web sites. We just posted it on YouTube and let the magic happen,” he explained.

Not everyone was fooled. A number of wags pegged the video as a fake, although it received major coverage on news programs.

For the record the stunt woman’s real name is Daphne Evelyn.

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