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Robert Pattinson Back to Long, Wild Hair at Toronto Film Fest (photos!)

Robert Pattinson hits a news conference at the Toronto International Film Festival sporting much longer hair than he’s used to wearing. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson’s familiar tousled hair was back and much, much longer than it has been in the past few years when he appeared today (Sept. 9) at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Pattinson was there to discuss his new film “Maps to the Stars” at news conference with other cast members.

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He was joined by actresses Olivia Williams and Julianne Moore, actors John Cusack and Evan Bird and actress Sarah Gadon.

For the past few years, Rob’s film roles have demanded a certain look and demeanor that required him to keep his hair short (“The Rover”) or close-cropped and well-groomed (“Cosmopolis”).

But in “Maps to the Stars,” he plays a struggling actor and limousine driver. He was able to look more like himself. During his downtime following the shooting, he’s let his hair grow out even longer than his “Twilight” days.

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He wore his hair swept back and kind of greasy looking. He also had a beard that had advanced well-beyond his usual three-day stubble.

In fact, he could have passed as a character in Huge Jackman’s “Wolverine”

He looked slouchy in a charcoal colored jacket, an off-white shirt over a tee-shirt with the tails out and black skinny jeans.

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Robert Pattinson Let’s His Hair Down (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

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