Jon Stewart launches a tirade that draws interest from aliens in outer space.

Jon Stewart launches a tirade that draws interest from aliens in outer space.

Jon Stewart had to go to the far reaches of the universe last night on “The Daily Show” to explain down-home politicking in the upcoming Congressional races for the House and Senate. Would you believe pols are arguing over how to hold a gun and ride a snowmobile?

Stewart has been regularly featuring reports on the elections in a series entitled “Democalypse 2014.”

He’s gone to the far reaches of the earth to explain our political process, but this time he rockets into space in a hilarious segment.

Actually, he didn’t do the bit. Correspondent Samantha Bee did the heavy lifting. But Stewart did a great job announcing it.

“If aliens came down to Earth and watched our political ads they would think the Senate was an adult summer camp competition or some six-year pass to Dave & Buster’s,” he declared.

“We got shootin’! Snow machines! Friday night’s keg night! C’mon down to the Senate!”

He zeroes in on Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell’s race for re-election against Democrat Alison Grimes, who is no liberal feminist. One of her campaign ads criticizes McConnell for the way he holds a gun, implying he’s a wimp.

“And, that’s the Democrat,” said Stewart, who added that the ad couldn’t be more emasculating. Then he showed an obviously engineered photo of McConnell sitting down to pee.

He also gets into snow machine politics, which seems to be defining the Senate race in Alaska and throwing a kegger at the LSU football game.

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