Robert Pattinson arrives hits a news conference at the Toronto International Film Festival.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson is thinking about leaving Los Angeles. Here are five good reasons he should go. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson has once again raised the prospect of leaving Los Angeles and making London his permanent home. But he’s clearly conflicted. Earlier this year, he said he couldn’t wait to get back to L.A. after traveling abroad. So what’s best for him?

It’s easy to see why Rob has mixed feelings.

He grew up in a suburb of London and has fond memories of life there with his family before he became a model and then an actor. One of the fondest is the simple anonymity he enjoyed.

Rob often talks about the days when he could meet friends at the local pub, or go out at night and catch some of the up-and-coming bands playing around the city.

All that was lost when he rocketed to international stardom for his role as the dashing vampire, Edward Cullen, in the “Twilight” series.

After six years in Tinsletown under the constant glare of the paparazzi, he’s now rethinking his decision to make it his home.

“I think I might be done with Los Angeles. I’ve just realized that in the past few weeks,” the 28-year-old told London’s Independent newspaper.”

But contrast that with his comments to London’s Daily Telegraph only a few months earlier.

“I spent two months in England last year which is the longest I’ve spent there in six years, which was nice. But I always go back to England at Christmas time and get so depressed that I’m glad to get back to Los Angeles,” he said.

So the question is should he stay or should he go? Here are five reasons he should consider calling it a wrap on LA.

Top Five Reasons He Should Go

5. His Family: Rob has always been close to his family. His father, Richard, and mother, Clare, have been an important part of his support structure. He has two older sisters, Victoria and Lizzy, dote on him. As you get older, your family becomes more important to you, and Rob 28, would have the benefit of seeing his family more. 

4. His Career: Rob has done what he set out to do when he arrived in Los Angeles as a relatively unknown actor. The “Twilight” movies made him an international star and established him as an A-list actor, who can pick and choose his own movies. He no longer needs to go through the Hollywood grind and he doesn’t need the constant attention that being in Hollywood provides, which is both a blessing and a curse.  

3. His Privacy: Rob will never have any semblance of privacy as long as he lives in Los Angeles. The paparazzi culture is just too aggressive and  too prolific. It’s bad enough that they stake out your house and follow you everywhere. What’s often unseen is the rude questions photographers yell to provoke a reaction. He just doesn’t need tabloid attention. He’ll never entirely escape that, but in London and other cities it would be far less intrusive.

2. Kristen Stewart: They were Hollywood’s embodiment of Twilight-style “true love” during the movie’s run. But in the end it was just an extended “locationship” for her. Rob was cuckolded in the most humiliating, public way by her tabloid cheating scandal. No wonder he unloaded their love nest so quickly. LA will always be a reminder of that.  These days, they seem to spend a lot of time worrying  about bumping into each other.  Who needs that? Getting out of LA will help him finally put her behind him. 

1. FKA Twigs: In May a year ago, IM reported that Rob would avoid actresses in the wake of his breakup and date only musicians. We were right on that score. His new, confirmed  girlfriend is an English musician. It’s hard to predict how relationships will go, but Twigs, real name Tahliah Barnett,  and Rob have a lot of things in common, mainly music and a desire for a low-key lifestyle. She places a high value on privacy and prefers to live in London. She’s the right girl at the right time for him. 

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