Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram this morning (Sept. 30) with Cara Delevingne and hinted at a 'secret project.'

Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram this morning (Sept. 30) with Cara Delevingne and hinted at a ‘secret project.’

Kim Kardashian dropped a hint this morning (Sept. 30) that she is working on a “secret project” with UK model Cara Delevingne that will include them posing together in some highly suggestive images.

Kim let the cat out of the bag on her Instagram account.

Click Here to See Kim and Cara’s Racy Photo Full Size

She posted a photo of herself with Delevingne, the model of the moment, who has been linked to such celebrities as Rihanna, Selena Gomez and “Fast and Furious” star Michelle Rodriguez.

Both Kim and Kara were wearing what looked like black bathing suits and wet hair. The looks on their faces were highly suggestive.

Cara, a UK socialite with a distant royal pedigree, has vaulted to international fame over the past year, as much for her tabloid antics as her modeling work.

Cara Delevingne Goes Bare on Black Sands of Bali for John Hardy (pics!)

The bi-sexual 22-year-old London native had an open relationship with Rodriguez early in the year. She spent a wild New Year’s Eve with Rihanna and traveled with Gomez to St. Tropez in July to celebrate Selena’s birthday.

She posted suggestive photos with each on her Facebook page.

Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez Shown Making Out in Leaked Photo

Kim, on the other hand, seems to gravitate to the most brightly burning flame at the moment; in fashion, Cara is the hot new thing.

The reality television personality gave no other clues about their collaboration. But it’s safe to say, it’s going to be waaay over the top.

Could it be another sex tape? Nah…

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