Justin Bieber's mounting criminal and legal problems are enough to trigger a Visa review, the INS says.

Justin Bieber’s mounting criminal and legal problems are enough to trigger a Visa review, the INS says.

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber’s numerous run-ins with the law are likely to trigger a review of his U.S. Visa, which allows the Canadian to live and work in the United States, according to the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

A preliminary hearing into criminal charges pending against him in Canada was held Monday (Sept. 29). Bieber did not attend.

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In a new incident, Bieber scuffled with photographers outside his hotel in Paris Tuesday (Sept. 30) and allegedly threw a punch at one photographer, according to TMZ.

No charges are known to have been filed, so far, in the incident.

Since his Canadian arrest on assault and dangerous driving charges in September, Bieber also got into an altercation with actor Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, Spain.

A spokesman for the INS told IM in an interview that it’s up to the court to notify immigration officials of criminal violations.

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“Typically, we wouldn’t be aware of a run-in with law,” the spokesman said.

While the spokesman declined to speak specifically about Bieber’s case, he did outline general procedures for visa reviews in the face of criminal convictions and other legal problems.

Thousands of immigrants are deported each year for as little as a drunk driving conviction. But Bieber holds what’s known as an “O-1” visa.

They’re only given to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary ability, or receive sustained national or international acclaim. While the same rules apply, each case is reviewed on an individual basis, the spokesman said.

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Bieber could come up for review on one of two ways.

His visa must be renewed every three years. The INS would examine his right to hold the visa at that time and would taken into consideration any “derogatory information,” the spokesman said.

“That’s when we would have a window on the run-ins with law,” he said.

“If there are convictions, the INS can also issue a recall notice. If that happens, Bieber would have to go before immigration judge to show cause why he should be allowed to retain his visa.

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“He could overcome [a visa challenge], if there is evidence of extraordinary circumstances,” the spokesman said.

The U.S. Department of State would also be involved.

Because of the criminal charges pending against him in Canada, Bieber is now in danger of violating his probation in an egg throwing incident involving his Calabasas, Calif neighbor last January.

Bieber pleaded guilty in July to misdemeanor vandalism for the egging.

More than 270,000 people have signed a petition call for Bieber’s deportation on the government Web site “We The People,” although that’s likely to have little, if any, influence on any government decision.

He was also ordered to comply with all laws or face having his probation revoked. The Canadian charges place him in jeopardy of violating his probation.

The federal government reserves the right to deport anyone who is convicted of an aggravated felony. That’s defined as a crime that carries a penalty of a year or more in jail. Bieber’s egging conviction meets the definition.

A conviction in Canada, following his conviction in Florida last month on misdemeanor careless driving and resisting arrest charges, would also amount to a “third strike.”

Under U.S. Immigration law, a person can also be deported if convicted of two separate crimes.

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