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Is George Clooney Having Marriage Remorse, Or Is This New Normal?

Is George Clooney Having Marriage Remorse, Or Is This New Normal? 1

George Clooney seemed to genuinely enjoy attending New York Comic-Con to talk about his new film ‘Tomorrowland.’ (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Disney)

George Clooney even joked that it seemed odd to be at Comic-Con in New York City instead of on a honeymoon with his new wife. And he was right… it is odd. Was he having a bout of marriage remorse, or confirming the new normal in celebrity unions?

Clooney, 53, has been a confirmed bachelor for so long it came as a shock when he wed international lawyer Amal Alamuddin–maybe even to him.

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Marriage remorse is a well-recognized psychological condition, just like buyer’s remorse.

“While ‘buyer’s remorse’ visits people who bring home watches and sweaters and cars, but want to return them, it also visits people who return home as newlyweds and wish they could return their new spouses. Let’s call it ‘marriage misgiving,’” writes Dr. Keith Ablow, a media psychiatrist.

From all outward appearances, of course, Clooney is on cloud nine. He joked that he “married up” and declared married life “fantastic” after his elaborate ceremony in Italy.

Then why bolt so soon after the ceremony?

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Clooney and Alamuddin, 36, simply could be confirming the new normal in celebrity unions and maybe marriage in general for busy professionals.

Millions of couples have busy professional lives that often take them in opposite directions, forcing them to spend days, weeks or even months apart. Captains going to sea and soldiers fighting in foreign lands also face the same dilemma.

Amal Alamuddin is virtually unknown in celebrity circles, but is deeply involved in international affairs.

Keeping a long-distance relationship together, especially among celebrities, can be problematic. It’s been the ruin of more than one seemingly happy marriage.

Jennifer Lawrence talked about the problem in a recent Vanity Fair interview to explain why her hacked iCloud account contained more than 150 racy and nude photos.

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“I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you,” she said.

Amber Heard’s hacked photos also opened a similar window on her long-distance relationship with Johnny Depp. The nude photos she sent him included one of her holding a sign promising to eat her “Tonto Man” alive on his return.

The newlyweds have vowed never to spend more than two weeks apart, and Clooney and Amal reportedly spent some quality alone time together at their sprawling country estate in Berkshire, England.

But the odds are Alamuddin probably bolted on him.

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The international lawyer and human rights activist reportedly flew to Greece to advise the government on the return of antiquities, known as the Parthenon sculptures. They were looted by Britain’s Lord Elgin in the early 19th century, according to London’s Telegraph newspaper.

Clooney also has his hands full.

He’s in pre-production on three movies, and just bought the rights to Nick Davis’ “Hack Attack,” about the British media phone-hacking scandal, according to The Daily Beast.

The fact that Clooney showed up in New York City and made a surprise appearance onstage at Disney’s “Tomorrowland” presentation really comes as no surprise.

The city was always a special place to Clooney during his bachelor days. He could get lost in its immensity and spend time with good friends like Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber.

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It’s not unlike Clooney to kill two birds with one stone by making a getaway to city and dropping in on Comic-Con.

But whether he and Amal can keep to their “two week” pledge — and keep their marriage together — remains to be seen.

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