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How Long Can Kim Kardashian Make a Living Off Her Breasts? (photos!)

How Long Can Kim Kardashian Make a Living Off Her Breasts? (photos!) 9

Kim Kardashian shows off her assets at the Charlotte Tilbury’s Make-Up Your Destiny Beauty Festival at an LA mall yesterday (Oct. 9). (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian has been making a living off her breasts ever since her sex tape went public in 2007. Now about to turn 34, she’s flaunting them more than ever during public appearances and product launches. Can this go on forever?

Kim, who celebrates another birthday on Oct. 21, made her latest public appearance at The Grove, a Los Angeles shopping mall yesterday for the Charlotte Tilbury make-up launch party.

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She flashed her heavy cleavage, a common occurrence these days, in a tight-fitting cocktail dress. The revealing cutouts seemed a little over-the-top for the event.

But that’s been her trademark, even more so, since she started dating and eventually married rapper Kanye West.

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West claims credit for dressing her, and she’s looked like a hooker in most of her public appearances ever since.

As she approaches middle age, you might think all the cleavage and sideboob would get old as well. But Kim isn’t the only well-known celebrity to make a living off their chests.

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Dolly Parton is 68 and built a country music career around her oversized inflatables. She finally admitted she had implants in 2002. Rumors that she had a subsequent breast reduction appear to be untrue.

Actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy also has leveraged her much amplified breasts to boost her career. She’s posed twice in Playboy and had surgery to firm up her mammies before her 2012 men’s mag shoot.

Former “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson has been sporting major double-Ds for most of her career. She sparked rumors in 2010 that she had a breast reduction at 43.

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She actually reduced the size of her famous boobs in 1999, but later underwent surgery to regain her double-Ds.

At 47, her breasts are so unwieldy she had a major wardrobe malfunction at LA’s Chateau Marmont this week. Her entire breast flopped out of her slinky white dress.

A number of celebrities have undergone breast reductions after becoming famous for their upfronts, notably Victoria Beckham, Drew Barrymore and porn star Jenna Jameson.

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Kim’s breasts, of course, are (ahem) real and have remarkably maintained their shape despite the fact that she’s given birth and breastfed toddler North West. That usually causes major changes in breast size and shape.

Given modern plastic surgery procedures, Kim will likely stay front and center in the public’s eye for sometime to come. After all, Dolly did it.

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