A poster distributed following the disappearance of UVA student Hannah Graham. (Photo: Facebook)

A poster distributed following the disappearance of UVA student Hannah Graham. (Photo: Facebook)

Hannah Graham’s parents have reason to fear the worst. A body that could be the missing University of Virginia student has been found in Charlottesville, although police stress that a positive identification has yet to be made.

Graham was last seen Sept. 13 late at night walking with a heavy-set African-American near the university campus and a popular bar.

She vanished without a trace although the man she was with was positively identified and taken into custody in Texas. He has since been linked to one other murder.

It’s unknown at the moment whether the man, identified as Jesse Matthew, provided police with information that led to the discovery of the body. Matthew is currently facing abduction with intent to defile charges.

If the body turns out to be the 18-year-old student, those charges could be upped to murder and aggravated assault, making him eligible for the death penalty in Virginia.

Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said the body was found on some abandoned property and forensic tests would be conducted to determine whether it’s Graham.

“We cannot and we will not jump to any conclusions regarding today’s discovery, so I ask for the public’s patience as we move forward and pursue what is now a new, ongoing death investigation,” Colonel Steve Sellers of the Albemarle County Police Department, told reporters.

Security camera’s caught Matthew and Graham together at a bar. Graham was reportedly intoxicated although you must be 21-years-old to drink in Virginia.

A sheriff’s deputy in Galveston, TX, spotted Matthew based on tip from a woman who’d seen news reports about the case.

Matthew has also been linked to the death of a woman in 2009, one of five who have disappeared in the UVA area over the past five years, including Graham.

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