Amanda Bynes on her way to a court hearing in New York City in July a year ago.  Of late, she's talked about murdering her parents. (Photo: Getty)

Amanda Bynes on her way to a court hearing in New York City in July a year ago. Of late, she’s talked about murdering her parents. (Photo: Getty)

Amanda Bynes was captured on audio tape talking about how she’d like to brutally murder her parents. Is it idle talk or is she really capable of murdering her loved ones?

Bynes was hospitalized a year ago and given a “cocktail” of drugs to curb symptoms of schizophrenia, a disorder characterized by paranoid or bizarre delusions, nonsensical speech and confused thinking.

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If she has stopped taking her medicine, and is prone to schizophrenic attacks, she is very capable of murder. Dozens of homicides have been attributed to the affliction over the past decade.

In many cases, schizophrenics turn suddenly violent, without notice, following periods of lucidity and seeming normalcy. On other occasions, they may fall into psychotic episodes or deep depression before striking out.

In one sensational New York City case in February 2008, David Tarloff, 46, a schizophrenic, murdered his therapist, Kathryn Faughey, in her East 79th Street office, and was later convicted of first- and second-degree murder.

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But schizophrenics are actually less prone to violence than people with other illnesses, although studies are mixed.

In one landmark 1998 study, patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia were violent 9 percent of the time the first 20 weeks after discharge.

The incidence of violence was 19 percent for depression, 15 percent for bipolar disorder, 17.2 percent for other psychotic disorders, 29 percent for substance misuse disorders and 25 percent for personality disorder alone, according to the study cited in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

In another study, researchers kept tabs on 644 schizophrenics over a 15-year period. They were found to be four times more likely to have committed a violent crime than the general population.

But, a non-profit group that advocates for people with the illness, claims schizophrenics are far more likely to harm themselves than be violent toward others.

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Violence, it says, is not a symptom of schizophrenia.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Bynes will not become violent. The fact that she is matter-of-factly discussing the possibility is cause for concern, although it could just as much be idle talk.

At one point, she also threatened to shoot her friend in the face because she thinks he’s ugly, calling him “so gay it hurts my feelings.”

Bynes has been expressing animosity toward her parents because they currently control her finances and medical care.

According to two tapes, obtained by TMZ, Bynes said she wanted to murder her father but has yet to figure out how to do it. She also says she called her mother and threatened to “slit her wrists and burn down her house.”

The gossip site said it obtained the tapes because family members wanted them publicized. The goal is to convince authorities that Amanda needs further hospitalization.

The first audio is tirade against her parents, wishing them dead. The second audio is a rant that ends with a homophobic attack, according to TMZ.