Miley Cyrus embraces her inner self for Italian lingerie line Golden Lady.  (Photo: Screen Cap)

Miley Cyrus embraces her inner self for Italian lingerie line Golden Lady. (Photo: Screen Cap)

Miley Cyrus is extending her brand into fashion, and what a brand! She’s goes totally Bangerz for an Italian lingerie company in a new video that features her dancing and cavorting half naked in sexy tights.

The campaign by Golden Lady lingerie is called “Rock Your Legs,” and Miley doesn’t disappoint.

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She also appears in a print campaign photographed by her pal Terry Richardson. He directed her breakthrough “Wrecking Ball” video that featured her semi-nude.

The company, based in Mantua, Italy, heaps superlatives on Mile. It calls her an “icon of international fame,” “an idol of the young,” and “a trendsetter.” And that’s saying a lot.

Some parents may disagree with that, but there’s no denying another claim by the company Miley has “outside-the-box style.”

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The firm also hopes to tap Miley’s social network on Twitter, Instagram and other social media. Cyrus has more than 13.6 million followers on Instagram and 18.8 million on Twitter, according to those services.

Cyrus adds the campaign to her growing portfolio of fashion brands. She also has repped for Marc Jacobs and MAC Cosmetics.

Golden Lady is the leader in Italian hosiery, with 35 percent of the market. It’s also established a presence in major European markets, including France, Germany, Spain and England, through its subsidiaries and sales agencies, according to the company’s web site.

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In the United States, Golden Lady sells under the brand names Hue and No-Nonsense.

Check out Miley’s video below; she’s definitely all business. Warning: content is racy although there is no overt nudity.