Allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and raped women may be symptomatic of a deep-seated psychological disorder  and sexual fetish. (Photo: Getty)

Allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and raped women may be symptomatic of a deep-seated psychological disorder and sexual fetish. (Photo: Getty)

Bill Cosby, one of the nation’s most popular comedians, could have easily found willing sexual partners. But his desire to allegedly have sex with drugged, unconscious women may stem from a more deep-seated psychological impulse, involving power, control and sexual fetishism.

The rare sexual fetish was portrayed in the 2011 movie “Sleeping Beauty,” starring Emily Browning.

She played a young woman who is hired to let men have sex with her while she’s unconscious.

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The affliction is known as “sleeping princess syndrome” but also has a medical term, “Somnophilia.”

At it’s most basic, it means gaining sexual arousal or orgasm by having sexual contact with a sleeping, or unconscious person, according to medical references.

Perpetrators are often called “trophy rapists,” because the goal is not so much the sexual act, but the ability to gain total power over a sexual victim.

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It’s part of a class of mental disorders known as “paraphilia,” that is, the experience of intense sexual arousal from atypical objects, situations, or individuals.

The symptoms can manifest themselves in various ways and at various levels. Generally they involve a sexual preference for unconscious or sleeping people, including recurring sexual fantasies and sexual urges.

Most Somnophiliacs rarely act on their impulses, but those that do often stray into criminal behavior, because sexual desire is heightened when an unwilling victim is drugged into unconsciousness.

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In on notorious case, Robert Fryer, a UK resident, was arrested in 2012 for having sex with his girlfriend while she was drugged and unconscious. The abuse went on for two years before Fryer bragged about it to a friend, who called police.

His girlfriend said she had no direct knowledge that she was being assaulted, although there were subtle clues. Fryer was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Cosby, allegedly acted on his desires, empowered, emboldened and protected by his reputation, which had insulated him from allegations made by as many as a dozen women going back decades.

The women all tell a similar story.

Cosby lured them into drinking and taking pills until they were unconscious or semi-conscious. The woke up with vague memories of what happened and disheveled or no clothes.

Cosby, it seems, always left his mark, as if he wanted the victim to have some idea what happened.

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