Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams could find herself gaining special powers from the three-eyed raven in Season 5 of 'Game of Thrones.' (Photo: Studio)

Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams could find herself gaining special powers from the three-eyed raven in Season 5 of ‘Game of Thrones.’ (Photo: Studio)

“Game of Thrones” Season 5 is still months away but a brief clip released on Twitter suggests that black arts will figure prominently in the story line and Arya, played by Maisie Williams, could be the beneficiary. Or maybe not.

You may recall, in the Season 4 finale, Bran Stark and his troupe finally arrive at the large Heart Tree from his visions.

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Wights, corpses raised by the White Walkers, attack them and Jojen is killed. But Bran, Hodor and Meera escape. They are saved by a forest child who takes them to the three-eyed raven.

The raven has been guiding Bran in his dreams and has appeared at least once in human form. Bran asked Osha about the three-eyed raven’s meaning in Season 2, but she does not tell him.

The raven is finally revealed in human form as a withered old man with long white hair and only one red eye. He reportedly was once part of the Night’s Watch. He is revealed to be Lord Brynden.

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But there is more to him than meets the eye, or is that three eyes? The black arts have been featured throughout the series in various forms and the three-eyed raven has mysterious powers.

Brynden promises to give Bran the power to fly and teach him the art of greenseeing and skinchanging.

But the clip focuses not on Bran, but his older sister, Arya. It opens with a premonition: An eerie female voice says, “I see a darkness in you.”

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Arya appears briefly in the next scene, lying on her side, the camera focused tightly on her face. Her eyes are open but she doesn’t move or blink. In the next instant, she is stabbing someone with a knife.

Then, a man is seen held at sword-point. That sword is definitely Arya’s, followed by a coin changing hands. A shadowy visage of Ayra appears for a split second, followed by her slim fingers grasping a huge sword.

There’s a door, then darkness.

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The Twitter post contained a hash tag, #TheSight, and a two-sentence caption: “Follow the Three Eyed Raven. Gain the power of #TheSight.” It also points fans to a new Web site for the three-eyed raven for further updates.

Check out the clip below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest Game of Thrones updates.