Beverly Johnson, a supermodel in the 1970s, detailed her experience with Bill Cosby in a chilling tale of attempted rape after being drugged.  (Photo: Getty)

Beverly Johnson, a supermodel in the 1970s, detailed her experience with Bill Cosby in a chilling tale of attempted rape after being drugged. (Photo: Getty)

Beverly Johnson, a supermodel from the 1970s who became the first African-American to cover Vogue magazine, is the latest and most damning accuser yet to charge Bill Cosby with attempted rape after he drugged her.

Until Johnson stepped forward in an essay in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, the most prominent victim was Janice Dickinson.

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And we all know how bat-shit crazy she is. Plus, she fumbled key details of her story a couple of times before putting all the pieces together.

But Johnson said the story told by Dickinson, her friend, and other women compelled her to come forward.

“Many are still afraid to speak up,” she says. “I couldn’t sit back and watch the other women be vilified and shamed for something I knew was true.”

Strangely, she says she kept silent, initially, out of racial pride.

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“Black men have enough enemies out there already, they certainly don’t need someone like [me], an African American with a familiar face and a famous name, fanning the flames,” she wrote.

Cosby apparently had a lot of mojo going for him back in the day. In all, nearly two-dozen women have told similar sordid tales about the comedian, and he was never called on it… until now.

And, he had a Tiger Woods taste in women, mostly going for aspiring white actresses and models, with an occasional woman of color in the mix.

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What’s particularly chilling is the methodical way Cosby went about stalking and setting up Johnson. Her story points squarely at a sexual disorder known as “sleeping princess syndrome.”

The clinical term is “Somnophilia,” the desire to have sex with drugged, unconscious women, driven by a deep-seated psychological need to have complete sexual control over someone.

The sexual fetish was the centerpiece of the movie “Sleeping Beauty,” starring Emily Browning as a young woman who is hired to sleep with men while she’s unconscious.

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Johnson describes in detail the night Cosby drugged her at his home under a pretext that he appeared to use on many of his alleged victims; he offered her a small part in his hit sit-com “The Cosby Show” in the mid-80s.

Beverly Johnson as a top model in 1976. (Publicity Photo)

Beverly Johnson as a top model in 1976. (Publicity Photo)

“Looking back, she writes, “[the] first invite from Cosby to his home seems like part of a perfectly laid out plan, a way to make me feel secure with him at all times.

“It worked like a charm. Cosby suggested I come back to his house a few days later to read for the part. I agreed, and one late afternoon the following week I returned.”

Cosby suggest she audition be appearing to be drunk. She said she was confused because her character on the show was supposed to be pregnant. His character was an obstetrician.

During the conversation, he offered her a cappuccino. She refused because it was late in the day, but he insisted.

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“It’s nuts, I know, but it felt oddly inappropriate arguing with Bill Cosby so I took a few sips of the coffee just to appease him,” she said.

“I knew by the second sip of the drink Cosby had given me that I’d been drugged—and drugged good,” she said, recalling her days as a supermodel in the ’70s when drugs were frequently available and widely used.

“As I felt my body go completely limp, my brain switched into automatic-survival mode. That meant making sure Cosby understood that I knew exactly what was happening at that very moment.

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“You are a motherfucker aren’t you?” she said in an effort to startle him and put him on the defensive. She said she screamed it over and over.

Cosby finally pulled back, deflated, realizing he could not control her.

With that, she said, Cosby grabbed her by the arm and dragged her down the stairs. “I feared my neck was going to break with the force he was using to pull me down those stairs.” she recalled.

He pulled her outside his posh Brownstone on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and hailed a cab. “[He] shoved me into it and slammed the door behind me without ever saying a word,” she said.

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