Rhonda Rousey, the latest darling of the UFC, gets major promotional value out of the Entourage movie, along with General Motors. (Photos: ScreenCap)

Ronda Rousey, the latest darling of the UFC, gets major promotional placement in the Entourage movie, along with General Motors. (Photos: ScreenCap)

Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and the rest of the crew were spotlighted in the first new “Entourage” trailer, but like so many movies churned out by Hollywood these days, the real stars are the product placements. The trailer is rife with them. Can you spot them all?

Most middle-budget films like “Entourage” double as subliminal commercials for companies that pay fees to have their products featured in various scenes.

In this case, the most prominent and easiest to spot is the snazzy Cadillac convertible that the crew has adopted for its ride.

You may recall, during the HBO series the principal mode of travel was a cool vintage 1965 Lincoln Continental drop top. Well, that car is gone. In its place is General Motor’s Cadillac Ciel, a concept car that was first unveiled in 2011.

The car was Cadillac’s bid to drum up interest in four-door convertibles, like the Caddies and Lincolns from the 1960s, according to autoblog, a car enthusiast Web site.

But don’t try to buy it; it never entered into production. It’s just there to tease you.

Cadillac also gets another more traditional plug later in the 2:30 clip. The boys are filmed cruising in a Cadillac Escalade. One of two scenes featuring the SUV involves what looks like a fender bender.

The scene introduces Ronda Rousey, who is the physical embodiment of a product placement–for herself and the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s the nation’s largest mixed martial arts promotion company.

Rousey is a star in the UFC’s women’s division, which is just getting off the ground. She’s its first and current bantamweight champion.

The UFC gets major screen-time in the trailer, and likely even more in the movie. You can bet they paid a pretty penny for it. Check out the gym scene; Rousey’s posters and UFC references are everywhere and unavoidable.

While they are the biggest and most obvious product placements there are others. Watch the video and the check out the photos below to see if you can catch them all.

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Entourage: Non-Stop Commerical Plugs (Click Photos to Enlarge!)