Katy Perry makes a spectacular entrance during the Super Bowl halftime show, and performed a high-energy show worthy of the spectacle. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Katy Perry makes a spectacular entrance during the Super Bowl halftime show, and performed a high-energy show worthy of the spectacle. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Katy Perry toned down her wardrobe and ramped up her stage production to star in a Super Bowl halftime show that had enough energy, dazzle and pizzazz to match its pre-game hype, thanks to some help from friends like Missy Elliott.

Elliott was an odd choice given the number of contemporaries, like Nicki Minaj, that Perry could have tapped to supplement her show.

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The rapper, 43, who used to go by the nickname “misdemeanor,” had retired from performing because of a hyperthyroid disorder known as Graves’ disease. She tamed the symptoms through treatment, relaunched her career and wowed fans with a 30-pound weight loss.

Elliott provided some mid-show energy along with a frenetic band of backup dancers. Even Perry got into the act with some mild twerking.

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Katy Perry, Real & Spectacular
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Lenny Kravitz also provided some support with an appearance on Perry’s controversial song “I Kissed a Girl.” Whether it was to soften the song’s meaning, as some media outlets reported, (its a paean to lesbianism) is unknown.

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But his appearance was jarring in two respects.

His frayed jeans, rock attire was way out of sync with the kaleidoscopic pop show. And, at 50, he was also another throwback that seemed to send a clear message: Perry wasn’t about to share the stage with any contemporaries (read rivals).

Perry is infamous for feuding with Taylor Swift and others. She definitely likes to keep things close to her chest. Speaking of which, there wasn’t any.

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The 30-year-old singer is known for flaunting her ample double-Ds. She was even scolded for showing too much cleavage on kids show “Sesame Street.” But last night, they were a no-show.

Her opening outfit was a complete cover-up. In her beach party scene during her song “California Gurls,” she wore a two-piece swimsuit that separated and deflated her up top and shielded her belly button from innocent eyes.

Obviously, she and the league came to some sort of understanding prior to the show, in which she promised to tone down her outfits.

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Beyond that, Katy was real and she was spectacular.

Her entrance atop a giant mechanical lion, singing her hit song “Roar,” was big enough to match the venue. And, so was her voice. Katy knows how to belt out a song.

It looked like her production company learned a few tricks from the Beijing Olympics. The aerial shots were impressive, and as promised, there were plenty of fireworks.

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Super Bowl halftime shows haven’t been much to write home about ever since 2005’s Nipplegate, starring Janet Jackson and her infamous wardrobe malfunction.

She was backed by P. Diddy, Nelly, Kid Rock and Justin Timberlake. Now that’s a line up.

Of course, critics are invariably comparing her show to Beyonce’s over-the-top performance at Super Bowl XLVII in 2013.

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She may have fallen short of Queen Bey, but not by much.

Next year, we vote for… FKA Twigs.

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