Kim Kardashian drops all of her inhibitions, if she ever had any, for  a provocative photo spread, in which she bares all in Love magazine. (Photo: Love)

Kim Kardashian drops all of her inhibitions, if she ever had any, for a provocative new photo spread in Love magazine. The photos have gone viral on the Internet. (Photo: Love)

Kim Kardashian has taken a shocking turn in her career, posing for a new deliciously decadent photo spread in Love magazine. She hasn’t been this naked since her sex tape went viral nearly a decade ago. Now see all her photos uncensored!

Kim, 34 and a mother of one, hasn’t looked this good since giving birth, and she must have been dying to flaunt her stuff.

She poses full-frontal in the spread among other shots, in surreal kaleidoscopic settings that channel vibes from Stanley Kubrick’s “Clockwork Orange,” Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up” and Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita.”

It’s both disturbing and mesmerizing at the same time.

“Can’t wait for u to see 30+ page spread.” She wrote on social media. “We shot for 3 days straight at a motel in LA. One night til 4am.”

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Kim noted that she was dressed “vintage and custom Prada.”

The photos have been leaking one-by-one for the past week or so, most of which have been censored. But now the full uncensored spread is going viral on the Internet. (You can see them here)

In one of the most provocative shots, Kim is completely nude and full frontal oiled-up like a Japanese whaler. The camera angle in many of the shots make her look like the attack of the 50-foot woman.

Kardashian’s half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also featured. One photo of Kendall show her with Kim-size boobs digitally imposed on her slim, model frame.

Oddly, Kim says in the magazine that her one regret is making a 2007 sex tape with then-boyfriend, rapper Ray-J. The tape fell into the hands of a porn production company and Kim eventually agreed to make it public for $5 million plus a cut of the profits.

It’s been the all-time seller among celebrity sex-tapes, but even more oddly, Kim insists it didn’t launch her career.

“Maybe that’s how some people heard of me but I didn’t launch my career off of that. That was 12 years ago, no 13 years ago,” she said.

“So I just try to move on and put it in the past because I think everyone in life does things that they’re not proud of but you can’t sit and dwell on them forever,” she added.

Not surprising to see Kim trying to re-write history, now that she’s a successful entrepreneur and arthouse pin-up, not to mention a wife and mother.

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