Jamie Dornan says he will not be returning for the sequel to his hit movie '50 Shades of Grey.' Believe It? Nah... It's all about the money. (Photo: Studio)

Jamie Dornan says he will not be returning for the sequel to his hit movie ’50 Shades of Grey.’ Believe It? Nah… It’s all about the money. (Photo: Studio)

When “50 Shades of Grey” sequel “Fifty Shades Darker” debuts, Jamie Dornan will be still be Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson will still be Anastasia Steele. It’s simply “show me the money” time for the two young actors.

Given the runaway success of their erotic BDSM movie, Dornan and Johnson are making all the right moves… to collect a bigger pay check.

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They put the issue in play today (Feb. 24) when a report claimed Dornan was walking away from the film series out of concern for his wife. He also reportedly complained about lack of chemistry with his co-star.

Most of the mainstream media played it for all it was worth, claiming the billion dollar franchise was being dealt a “major blow.” Dornan must have been shocked by the reaction. His rep quickly put out word that reports were merely “conjecture.”

In this case, neither confirming nor denying the reports was all part of the play. The message was delivered loud and clear to the firm’s producers. A renegotiation is in order.

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No wonder Dornan was spotted meeting with Robert Pattinson earlier this month. Pattinson and his co-star Kristen Stewart went through the same process when “Twilight” became an international sensation.

You may recall, the original “Twilight” movie was considered a B-rated coming-of-age tale. It was made on a shoestring budget. But everything changed with the film exploded. Both Pattinson and Stewart got major raises to complete the series.

Dornan and Johnson would be crazy to walk away from a billion dollar franchise. But it only stands to reason that they deserve a bigger (much bigger) piece of the pie. And producers will likely give it to them.

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Without them, the movie franchise just wouldn’t be the same, just like “Twilight” couldn’t have gone on without Pattinson and Stewart.

The initial report emerged in Australian magazine NW. It claimed Dornan, 32, was ready to walk away fro the film because his wife Amelia Warner was put off by the sex scenes.

The studio has “not committed to a sequel as yet,” Dornan’s rep also told London’s Daily Mail. But the answer to that question is simple: follow the money.

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The film has grossed $131,007,930, since its release Feb. 13, when it broke box office records for the President’s Day weekend. No one walks away from that kind of money.

For her part, Director Sam Taylor-Johnson seems to be playing the same game. But she is replaceable, especially after the movie was widely panned by critics. Taylor-Johnson is reportedly put off because of clashes with “50 Shades” author E.L. James. But how unusual is that?

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