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Dakota Johnson Lampoons ISIS on SNL: But Who’s Laughing? (watch!)

Dakota Johnson Lampoons ISIS on SNL: But Who's Laughing? (watch!) 1

Dakota Johnson gets a loving send off from Dad as she joins up with Islamic terrorists. The ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit did not go over well with some viewers, who protested over social media. (Photo: ScreenCap)

As if creating controversy in erotic “50 Shades of Grey” wasn’t enough, Dakota Johnson caused another uproar on “Saturday Night Live” last night (Feb.28). She appeared in a skit where her father lovingly drops her off at the airport to join ISIS, the Islamic terror group.

The skit was double-edged.

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It not only made fun of military recruitment commercials, but also at women who are flocking to join the terrorist group to become Jihadi brides.

Still, it hit pretty close to home and was somewhat jarring. But, hey, can’t anyone take a joke?

The skit opens with Taran Killan, playing her dad, pulling up to an airport terminal in the family car. Johnson, his daughter, in the passenger seat.

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It’s a send-up of an actual Toyota commercial, and the dialog is hilarious.

“Well this is it. Do you need any help with your bag,” Killam asks with emotion building in his voice.

He offers her some “walk around money,” and then suggests she could stay home and “do another year of high school.”

“Very funny, Dad,” says Johnson.

“It’s just ISIS,” she reassures him.

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After an emotional goodbye, a horn honks in the background and a white Toyota pickup truck in ISIS markings pulls up. It’s loaded with fighters in the back.

Dakota climbs in and for a split second one fighter’s eyes meet’s her, Dad’s. “Death to America,” he says.

The skit was hilarious, a solid piece of political satire that makes it onto the show all to infrequently these days.

But not everyone saw it that way. Social media erupted in protest for making light of the terrorist group. But it was hard to tell whether the criticism was coming from the left or right.

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