Scandal? Who me? Kate McKinnon does a Hillary Clinton in SNL's cold open last night. The 2016 campaign is officially on! (Photo by Dana Edelson/NBC)

Scandal? Who me? Kate McKinnon does Hillary Clinton in SNL’s cold open last night. The 2016 campaign is officially on! (Photo by Dana Edelson/NBC)

Hillary Clinton signaled the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, not formally of course, but on “Saturday Night Live,” which may be just important to aspiring pols as winning the big primary states.

Over the years, the sketch comedy show has had a field day with politicians and their screwy contortions–sometimes with devastating effect.

Chevy Chase, of course, set the bar for SNL’s political satire back in the 1970s with his biting portrayal of then President Gerald Ford as a bumbling dolt.

The tradition has continued down through the years and hit another high mark in the 2008 election. Tina Fey’s portrayal of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin unquestionably affected the campaign. Of course, Palin gave Fey a lot of material to work with.

Hillary was around, too, but compared to Palin, she came off like a Rhodes Scholar. Her biggest fault was her wonkiness. But this time, the potential candidate has no Palin around to deflect her faults.

To wit: Clinton is currently embroiled in a so-called “scandal,” because she used a personal email account as Secretary of State instead of her leaky government account. Is that so wrong?

The average Joe probably doesn’t get it and could care less, but in Washington, pundits are wringing their hands, wondering how it will effect her potential presidential run. Really?

Kate McKinnon gets the honor of portraying Hillary, and is credible enough to probably guarantee her job through the election, if not beyond, in the event Hillary runs and wins.

The show also came up with a pretty smart take on the whole brouhaha. The big knock against Hillary over the years is that she’s always seemed too manufactured, too contrived and too calculating.

Where Bill at least had personal warmth going for him, Hillary comes across like an automaton. SNL’s cold open played off that perfectly.

It zeroed on Hillary’s and Bill’s penchant to obfuscate and diminish anything negative about them. Hillary (McKinnon) is seated on a couch, trying to looked relaxed, daring her political opponents to make an issue out of her emails.

“They’re clean as a whistle,” she declares. We bet they are.

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