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What the New ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Says About the Future (watch!)

What the New 'Tomorrowland' Trailer Says About the Future (watch!) 1

Casey is a troubled youth looking for a better deal than the one she was handed on earth in a new trailer for Tomorrowland. Does she find it? (Photo: Disney)

George Clooney’s character, a crusty inventor named Frank Walker, provides a portal to the future for troubled teen Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) in the new trailer for Disney’s “Tomorrowland.” But is it a place where we really want to go?

If it’s anything like the 21st Century, probably not. So far, it sucks.

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When the year 2000 was still a distant shining star in Hollywood’s movie-making firmament, it promised all sorts of advances in everything from medicine, transportation and space travel to world harmony and peace.

So far, however, it’s yet to deliver in the way futurists had envisioned. To the contrary, setbacks seemed to have outnumbered advances.

Wall Street’s financial collapse has impoverished millions of people who either lost jobs, or can’t get one that pays a living wage. The perpetrators got off Scott free with fattened bank accounts.

Britt Robertson Breaks Out in New ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer (See!)

The rise of terrorism has thrust the world into a state of perpetual war.

At home and globally, civilization seems to be backsliding to a darker time on everything from the importance of vaccines to improving race relations. The middle-class is collapsing and the gulf between rich and poor is growing.

Political discourse has degenerated to the level of Orwellian newsspeak. There is no right, wrong, or compromise; only propaganda points reiterated over and over again on Fox News.

Russia is pushing Europe to the brink of a new Cold War, while Middle Eastern religious fanatics are vowing to take the world back to the unspeakable evils of the Dark Ages.

George Clooney plays grizzled inventor Frank Walker in the new Disney movie ‘Tomorrowland.’ Can he find a solution in the future to our woes. (Photo: Disney)

Can it get any worse? Oh right… global warming.

But wait. Along comes Disney with what appears to be a new vision of the future, a vision that still believes in a Shining City on a Hill. At least so it seemed, until the new trailer was released.

The movie-maker has kept plot details a close secret. But the new trailer provides the first glimpse of the movie’s vision, and it’s as dark as all the other pictures.

There’s trouble in “Tomorrowland.” Despite all the whiz-bang gadgets and futuristic architecture, humans still can’t get along. A superhero is needed to make things right.

It’s all about finding a savior with higher powers, a story line as old as the Bible.

So instead of going against the current Hollywood trend, it looks like Disney is going for the short money, hoping to exploit the same group-think that makes post-Apocalyptic movies like “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” so popular among 20-somethings.

They must think today is as good as it’s going to get for them. Tomorrow, all they have to look forward to is death, taxes and social disintegration.

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