Nick Gordon sits with his mother Michelle during his interview with Dr. Phil. Did he lay it on too thick? (Photo: Dr. Phil Show)

Nick Gordon sits with his mother Michelle during his interview with Dr. Phil. Did he lay it on too thick? (Photo: Dr. Phil Show)

Nick Gordon laid it on thick on the “Dr. Phil” show yesterday (Mar. 11), maybe a little too thick. With an alleged criminal probe hanging over his head, he left no doubt that he was grief stricken to the point of suicide, with little or no control over his own actions.

Surprisingly–or not so surprisingly–his performance sent two important signals that could weigh in the criminal investigation into Bobbi Kristina Brown’s near drowning.

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First, his level of grief and his protestations of love suggest he couldn’t have possibly done anything to cause his girlfriend/wife’s near death in January.

Second, he established a potential criminal defense. He showed he is so whacked on drugs and alcohol he is not fully in control of his actions and may not have been as well on the morning of the incident.

That could lead to a reduction in charges and possibly even probation should he ultimately be charged with some level of complicity in her injury or possible death.

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Dr. Phil all but certified his mental condition by the statements he made on the show and by arranging for Gordon to go immediately to a rehab facility, all expenses paid, of course.

Not a bad deal for giving Dr. Phil what he wanted, some drama, and ratings fodder. But did Gordon overplay it for the cameras?

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He was way over the top in his grief. He came across like one of those husbands who goes to pieces when their wife turns up dead, then turn stone-faced after they’re charged with murder.

Nick was so drunk and drugged on air he slurred his words and fell down. Was it that impossible for Nick to restrain himself before making his all-important first public appearance since the incident?

Dr. Phil, meanwhile, didn’t do Nick any favors. During an interview with his mother, Michelle, the show cut to shots of Nick sobbing and moaning off-camera. “I miss Krissy,” he wailed.

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“He has said to me many times that he is going to kill himself and he’s tried [by] taking pills,” Michelle says.

Then she addresses the elephant in the room. “My son would never try and hurt Krissy. I don’t care what they think. My son would never hurt anyone,” she asserted.

She was referring to the Houston and Brown families. Members of both have charged that Nick had something to do with Bobbi Kristina’s situation.

And, oh, by the way, Nick happens to mention that he and Bobbi Kristina got trashed partying into the wee hours the night before. And, yes, they had a big fight when they got home.

While he admits he’s been drinking and doing Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, he has enough wits about him to blurt out: “Mom, I would never hurt anybody. I love people. I love babies. Everything!”

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