Kristen Stewart is lauded in a new interview in a French magazine for her dark, brooding sensuality, even if U.S. critics have yet to embrace her. (Photo by Vincent Peters for Le Figaro Madame)

Kristen Stewart is lauded in a new interview in a French magazine for her dark, brooding sensuality, even if U.S. critics have yet to embrace her. (Photo by Vincent Peters for Le Figaro Madame)

Kristen Stewart’s love affair with France continues unabated in a new interview in Le Figaro Madame. She’s exalted for being the first American actress to win France’s highest acting award, The Cesar, and lauded for her dark, brooding sensuality.

Leave it to the French to see Stewart as one of the seminal young actresses of her generation, even if American critics have yet to warm up to her.

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Stewart won the best supporting actress Cesar award for her role in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” helmed by French Director Olivier Assayas. The picture also Juliette Binoche and Chloë Grace Moretz.

Stewart’s character, Valentine, is the personal assistant to aging actress Maria Enders (Binoche). But their relationship is more than that. She is also companion, confidante and by implication, an unrequited lover.

Kristen Stewart Dark, Brooding Sensuality
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Maria gained fame early in her career, playing a young actress who is the understudy to an older actress. Now she’s being asked to play the older woman in a remake. The young actress is played by a young American actress,Jo-Ann Ellis (Moretz).

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Maria develops a tempestuous relationship to Jo-Ann and the movie focuses on the tension, sexual and otherwise, between the three women.

Stewart called the movie a “very controlled bet,” according to a rough translation of the article.

“I like French cinema, because it involves imagination, spontaneity, daring. In France, when you start a movie, you do not ask if it will work even before completing. The film is carried by a stronger desire than economic logic,” she tells the magazine.

“I liked ‘Sils Maria’ because I love films about cinema. And I loved how Olivier Assayas has highlighted the ridiculous side of these actresses, who are so narcissistic. I love my job. I was ready to die for him.”

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Stewart is loved equally in France, if not in America. She’s described as “naturally dazzling” and the embodiment of a new generation of actresses. The writer lauds her androgynous look, “rebellious air” and “paradoxical beauty.”

“in short, a certain idea of a modern glamour that cultivates a ‘trashitude’ refined.”

In her acting career, she cited a number of mentors including Jodie Foster, with whom she starred in the 2002 film “Panic Room.” She also said Sean Penn provided her with a perspective on film that has stuck with her.

She says Penn, who directed her in the 2007’s “Into the Wild,” taught her how to “give in an emotional way” to a character. He also showed her how “a role can be an introduction to introspection.”

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“He suggested to me that cinema could lead to a kind of spirituality, and that acting could be more than just a job; it could change a life.”

“Jodie Foster encouraged me, took me under her wing, showed me the way and, above all, gave me what is most precious in this business–a lesson in humility.”

She also credits such actress as Binoch, Julianne Moore, with whom she starred in “Still Alice,” and “Snow White and the Huntsman” co-star Charlize Theron for influencing her acting.

Stewart has five films in the works, including a controversial project with Woody Allen. Then, she swears she is taking a long vacation. “If I had not become an actress, I would have been a champion in the kitchen,” she says.

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This is a French interview and the subject of her love life invariably comes up. The tabloids, it notes, say she lives with her ​​best friend, Alicia Cargile.

But to the question “Who today is your lover?” she steadfastly answers “No comment.” The answer to that question is locked in her panic room.

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