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Susan Sarandon Wants Woman to Replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Spot

Susan Sarandon Wants Woman to Replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Spot 1

Susan Sarandon, known for her political activism, has joined the campaign to put a woman on the $20 bill. (Photo: Susan Sarandon, Facebook)

Susan Sarandon, the Hollywood actress known for her political activism, has a new cause. She is campaigning along with womens’ groups to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a notable woman. Would you believe Betty Friedan?

The 68-year-old actress announced her support today (Mar. 24) on her Facebook page in a photo holding a $20 bill

“I want to see a woman on the $20 bill. Post your own photo & join me,” she wrote.

A women’s group, known as womenon20s, is spearheading the effort. It operates under the sloan “A Woman’s Place is one the Money.”

It’s identified 15 possible candidates to kick off “Old Hickory,” as Jackson was known during his term as President from 1829 to 1837. The woman share one thing in common; they’re all dead.

Otherwise, they come from diverse backgrounds and different periods in American history. All, however, have contributed in some significant way to the advancement of women’s rights.

The list includes well-known names like environmental author Rachel Carson, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, Red Cross founder Clara Barton and former slave Harriet Tubman.

Among the lesser-known names are Alicia Paul, who led the fight for a women’s right to vote at the turn of the 20th century; Margaret Sanger, who opened the first birth control clinic and Francis Perkins, FDR’s four-time Labor Secretary.

Jackson is notable in American History both as a president and as an army general during the War of 1812. He commanded New Orleans during the war and inflicted a severe defeat on British forces at the Battle of New Orleans.

He first appeared on the $5 bill in 1869 and first appeared on the $20 bill in 1916.

The organization wants him booted because of his policy toward Native Americans. During his presidency, he ordered the forced relocation of tens of thousands of Indians from the Southeast to Oklahoma. Thousands died on the trek, which became known as the “Trail of Tears.”

President Obama actually addressed the issue during a speech last August and thought it was “a pretty good idea.”

Check out the video below, let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest celebrity news. Also, go to womenon20s to choose the woman you think should be the first on our currency.