Lane Bryant has launched a new campaign featuring plus-size models that takes a shot at fashion  rival Victoria's Secret. (Photo: Lane Bryant)

Lane Bryant has launched a new campaign featuring plus-size models that takes a shot at fashion rival Victoria’s Secret. (Photo: Lane Bryant)

Lane Bryant, which caters to plus-size women, puts models Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine, Victoria Lee, Justine Legault and Elly Mayday on display in a new lingerie campaign that takes a direct shot at Victoria’s Secret.

While negative advertising campaigns certainly garner attention–and this one has– does that make it right?

The war over female body image is raging in fashion, but should it be all the rage? In the end, the Lane Bryant campaign still comes down to body shaming. Only this time, the target is thin models.

Victoria’s Secret is noted for its “Angles,” a group of models who share at least one trait in common–they are all tall and thin. They’re also touted as representing the ideal in feminine beauty.

Lane Bryant Launches #ImNoAngel Campaign (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

But the fact is the overwhelming majority of women do not fit that mold. Rather, they’re plus-sized. Bu the fashion industry is stubbornly sticking to its ideal for a model and the trend has been to even thinner women.

Only last week, France cracked down on too-thin models by enacting height and weight standards. Models are now required to meet a certain “body mass index” before they can appear in fashion shows. For a five-foot, seven-inch tall model, the weight would be 120 pounds.

Lane Bryant has produced a video for its campaign showing its models wearing lingerie and proclaiming their beauty with the hash tag #ImNoAngel.

The slogan clearly has a double meaning; plus-sizes girls are fun and sexy. But the allusion to Victoria’s Secret is also pretty clear.

The fashion industry deserves some comeuppance for its insistence on using rail thin models in fashion shows, but tearing down somebody because of their body shape is hardly the way to go about it, whether they are thin or “plus-size.”

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